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Welcome to our super-awkward introduction, where we frame shameless self-promotion and SEO optimization as tutorials meant to better mankind! However self-serving, this blog has two main purposes: to help others in situations where we have needed guidance and found none and, to be a constant motivation to us, to try something new that might be blog-worthy. There have been a plethora of instances where we have looked to try something, scoured the internet for advice, but ultimately resulted in a trial and error scenario until we produced acceptable (hopefully) results. In that way, this is, in all sincerity, not just a tool for marketing (photography, new photography, expensive high paying corporate gig photography, Nike Ad, Superbowl Commercial, artistic talented photographer worth a bundle who’s available to shoot international ad with bottomless budget on regular basis with zero critique), it’s also something that we truly hope is useful. Question, comments, concerns? Unmitigated rage looking for a social platform or anonymous platform to express yourself? Email adrian@bairdphotographystudios.com.

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