The Fires of Non-recognition

Probably because of the un-solicited photography that’s completely off-brand
  Looks like a 4-peat we’re pulling off here! Some may ask, ‘are you going to continue to count every blog you do and brag like it’s an accomplishment?’ So what if I do, what do you care? Mind your own business, mom.

We wanted to do fire in-studio and thought that a hot sauce product shoot would be the most fun. We also thought it would be cool if Cholula saw the Instagram shots and reposted, liked, whatever… they liked the post but using them particularly didn’t get us any additional press. My older brother looked at the photos and said, super cool! Too bad Cholula isn’t hot at all! He was right, it really doesn’t fit their branding at all. However, the practice was the main purpose of the shoot and I feel very confident now that I could fire in a variety of ways, on a real set. Cholula could have given us a little love though, right? Oh well, not going to dwell or be spiteful. #cholulacouldhavegivenusmorelove #maybewellusetabasconexttime

We started setting a scene, but it looked way too dated, so we stopped that immediately

The disclaimer of course is silly, but I suppose must be said. Don’t do this. It’s fire, fire burns stuff and is inherently dangerous. This is not safe for anyone, ever, no matter what.

For this shoot we used Profoto B1’s and B2’s, a Canon 5D MK IV, the Canon 70-200 f.2.8 IS ii, Savage cherry red backdrop, tripod and remote trigger. I was wearing cargo shorts and a t-shirt with some low top chucks. It was a warm night but the cool hum of the air conditioner distracted us from the chaos of the outside world and the path that was soon thrust upon us.

The secret to fire is black cinefoil and rubber cement. We just used run of the mill Elmer’s rubber cement.

 You can paint it on anything – vegetables the bottle etc… We had a bunch of cinefoil placed behind

with a ton of rubber cement back there for the big dramatic one. Be cautioned – the fire gets pretty big if you want it! The paper was draped over the table and we had some scorch marks in it and there’s some pretty toxic smelling smoke.

Profoto lights were on freeze for a short flash duration. We wanted to freeze the look of the flames.

ISO 100




The background and main lights are both off here

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