Inside VS Outside:

Is inside too much, is outside too little?

Alright children, you’re in luck, we’re doing a second blog post! Mostly because I hate things like: a blog with just one post from 2006 and nothing else. If you start a blog with one thing to say, and that’s it, chances are we allllllreaaady knew – give up trying to inform the public while sitting in your ivory tower built on lies (that cookbook you and your brother are working on is never going to be published, or read; the writing is bad and the food is terrible) and go back to being a Dr. or whatever. We’re better than that, not only because we have written a second blog post, but because it’s about an incredible subject that no one has ever talked about before …. portraits…. (next time we talk about people who overuse the ellipses in short-form writing in lieu of real wit…)…

So, as mentioned previously, we’ve switched over from Paul C. Buff Alien Bees and White Lightings to ProFoto B1’s and B2’s. The difference is drastic. Incredible. Worth it. Etc…. We’ll talk more about that later but writing a third blog post is like writing a third novel (it’s not going to happen for awhile and it’s not worth the build up).


Anywhosies – we shot the interior one on a savage seamless slate grey backdrop and three light set-up – Main, fill and background light. Shot at ISO 200, 200mm, f/8, 1/200. Main light: B1, medium softbox, fill: B1 small softbox

Exterior was shot ISO 400 100mm F/8 1/400th. Basically, using a higher iso increased our flash power and being able to use Profoto allowed me to darken the background by increasing my shutter speed. This was shot around 1pm in open shade in Phoenix, so the sun was hitting the sand behind directly Nicole and there was a lot of ambient light.

Second Exterior was shot at 8am, darker ambient light and directional light on the background made a high speed shutter unnecessary. This was shot at iso 400 88mm f/8 1/200th.


So, there they are, I did basic edits and corrections in lightroom and have provided screen shots of the sliders. I’d show the neutral, raw looking images, but does anyone really care. Is anyone listening? Hello? Dad, are you reading this? Are you proud of me, now?

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