Fruit and Honey

A Still Life of Fruits

This one was inspired by a Steve Hansen shot

We have triumphantly returned with a third post!  3’s company, 3rd times the charm, 3rd infantry cavalry division, Back to the Future 3. 3’s the key number here. Think about it.  This is the tri-finity of blog posts. A tri-umphant return to the big screen with 3D technology. A tri-color, multi-dimensional, media extravaganza. This is CNN doing a 3D hologram of Wolf Blitzer on election night 2013. This is a moon landing…no this is a sun landing that ends with a successful return mission to earth and a stop off at mars. 3 doors. Three planets visited by a man who built a space shuttle on his farm. 3 chipmunks a’ twirlin’ on a branch, eatin’ lots of sunflowers on my uncle’s ranch. 3’s the key!

So, anyway, there are multiple versions of this shot, with and without some layering. We got everything but the whiskey splash and some highlights in one shot. Most of the dinnerware we used is from the thrift store.

The big thing was to find a good frame before we started shooting, tripod it, tape the zoom, manual focus, tape the focus, secure the tripod then shoot. If you’re going to layer shots in, in Photoshop, this is paramount. Even the slightest jiggle and your in for a huge pain.

These were shot with:

  • Canon 5D mk iv
  • 70-200 f/2.8 IS II
  • ISO 100, 100MM f/14 1/40th

First we got a basic white balance and cropping:

Main light is far camera left with a big softbox

Then added a background light (b1, stubby stand, small softbox) and some fill to the left along with some honey drips. There is a Profoto b2 with a strip box camera left pointing the light through the honey. This is what gave it the glimmer. You can see it a bit in the strawberries as well:


Here’s the basic, this time with the glass added:

Then some spot highlights for multiple layers and burned them in later, b1 no box, shot at various areas, flowers fruit etc.. highlight everything individually and choose what you want to use or not use later:


We then shot a separate frame frame with multiple splashes and cloned them in. We took many shots of the splashes using strawberries to create different ones then added a few frames together. A benefit to using Profoto gear here is we can set it on freeze mode. Even though our shutter is at 1/40th the strobe with freeze the motion of the water because of the extremely short flash duration:

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